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This page is designed to educate you on the unique process Patriot Roofing uses from the very beginning of the roofing project all the way to its completion. Our dedicated staff provides a different kind of contracting service that works around the needs and concerns of our clients. One of our key traits is,
Roofing 101
Integrity Roof System Installation
All roofs installed by Admired Exteriors are done so following the strict procedures set out by Certainteed in their Integrity Roof System.
Peace Of Mind Under An Admired Exteriors Roofing System
Warranty and maintenance- Since we always install roofs to our manufacturer's specifications, we can offer the best warranties in the industry. You can rest assure that you will add value and protection to your home for years to come when you install an Admired Exteriors Roof.
Will you completely remove my old shingles and felt paper, not simply lay new shingles over the old ones or re-use old felt paper?
Will you provide a current and legible copy of your Commercial General Liability Insurance in case my home is damaged or your employees are injured?
Will I receive a complete list of references?
Will the new shingles be installed to manufacturer's specifications?
Will you use nails, not staples, to install the shingles?
Will my approval be required before any unforeseen repairs are made?
Will I receive a written 15-year manufacturer's labor, materials, and craftsmanship warranty upon completion of the project?
Are my warranties transferable if I decide to sell my home?
Every consumer is entitled to learn about what they are buying. Unfortunately the remodeling and construction industries are not set up for such education. At Admired Exteriors, we proudly offer our time to each and every client to discuss the investment they are about to embark in and the questions they should ask any construction company before making a buying decision. Our estimators are trained in all areas of a roofing project and can answer just about any question you may have.
Review The Proposal and Choose Options -
All the information and measurements are gathered back at our office and a professional and thorough proposal including digital photos is prepared.
After we have set an appointment with our clients, we then meet with them ON TIME at the property. At this appointment, thorough measurements are taken along with photos of any problem areas. The client is able to discuss any issues they may have with a certified estimator. This allows us to correctly bid on their project with their specific needs in mind.
Project Will Be Measured and Specified -
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Roofing 101
Roofing 101
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