Frequently Asked Questions
In our continuing effort to provide optimal customer care, we have provided common roofing frequently asked questions with the appropriate answer below. If you do not see an answer to a question that you may have, please call (512) 299-1772 or 1-866-662-ROOF and a representative will be happy to provide you with more information.
10. Is the company bonded, and what does that mean?
Yes, we are bonded.
A theft bond protects the homeowner's property from theft by a roofing company's employees. if you do not have trust and confidence in your roofer, you should avoid working with them.
However, only if the thief is caught and found guilty, will the roofing company be held responsible for a homeowner's losses.
A "performance bond" is used in commercial roofing to insure that the work is done by a certain time or penalties may be to the roofing company.
11. What do you do with old shingles taken off of my house?
It is important that the contractor cleans everything up and hauls everything away. Some companies have big dumpster's dropped off in their customers yards or driveways. This can be a problem with blocking the driveway for sometimes over a week before it is picked up. Sometimes they leave big marks on the driveway. Admired Exteriors uses their own trailers and dump truck to haul the trash away.
12. Is it OK to cover over old shingles?
It is much easier and faster to cover over old shingles, but Admired Exteriors. does not recommend this type of installation. This is because most of the time the flashing, the pipe boots, and the valleys do not get the attention they need. Bad or wet wood stays hidden to make a nice home for ants and termites. Covering old shingles does not stop them from deteriorating or decaying. We feel it is best not to cover old shingles.
Property protection is key. We always evaluate a client's situation before an estimate is given. Whether there are important plants you want extra care for, or animals that might run away, our crew is notified before installation begins. These important notes are on the work order every time. We always cover pools, shrubbery, and protect your home in any way we can. If a project runs over one full day you can always count on a safe, clean space every evening before we close up shop. We will run a magnet over the yard at the end of every work day to collect any nails or metal.
Our workmanship warranty is 2 years. However, we always offer a 5-star Sure Start Warranty with every Integrity Roof System we install. This offers homeowners the best transferable manufacturer's warranty in the industry. Materials, labor, and workmanship are covered by CertainTeed for 15 years should your roof fail.
3. How will Admired Exteriors protect my family, pets, and property?
5. How long will it take to replace my roof?
No. This is the clients preference. We do, however, request that the homeowner be available by phone should we have any questions for them.
4. Does someone in my household need to be present as work is being done on my roof?
6. How do I set up an appointment with Admired Exteriors?
You can either call us at 512-299-1772 (toll free 866-662-ROOF) or fill out the Request on the Home Page.
7. Why is Admired Exteriors not licensed?
There is no such thing as a roofing license in Texas. Don't be fooled by fraudulent licenses.
There is also currently no requirement for licensing in residential or commercial roofing in the state of Texas. If someone claims to be a “licensed” roofer – be very wary and find out if they are referring to a Plumber’s license, drivers license, a hunting license, or what! (None of these will help insure you are getting a qualified roofing contractor.)
8. Do a few leaks mean that I need an entire new roof?
A few leaks may indicate a need for a new roof. Call us to schedule an estimate with a Credentialed Shingle Master for an honest and thorough analysis of your situation.
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